What is STATIX?

Unique LED Christmas lights

STATIX is a printed sticker with a 3D LED flame

Safe in every situation

Ideal in places where open fire is not allowed

Easy to apply

Can be applied on any smooth, clean surface
like windows and mirrors

Easy to remove

Removing without leaving (glue) traces behind


Reusable due to the unique adhesion-like technology

Easy to use

Switching on/off using the unique
slide switch on the battery pack


STATIX is powered by a standard button cell
that is easily replaced


Creates a bright and cosy ambiance on two sides


Occupies little space due to its unique design

Our products

STATIX – Always bright and cosy


blunt ivory

Item no. 80035
Size: 170 x 50 mm


blunt red Drip

Item no. 80042
Size: 170 x 50 mm

Advent Set

Four candles

Item no. 80059
Size: a) 120 b) 150 c) 170
d) 200 x 50 mm

Holly branches

with two candles

Item no. 80066
Size: 150 x 260 mm

Grandpa Christmas

Item no. 80073
Size: 250 x 160 mm

Granny Christmas

Item no. 80080
Size: 230 x 195 mm


Item no. 80097
Size: 330 x 240 mm

New products


blunt Pink Drip

Item no. 80219 with timer
Size: 170 x 50 mm


blunt Yellow Drip

Item no. 80226 with timer
Size: 170 x 50 mm


Item no. 80240 with timer
Size: 379 x 219 mm

Candle Big


Item no. 80196 with timer
Size: 705 x 120 mm

Stable with Star

Item no. 80189 with timer
Size: 197 x 262 mm

Holly Branches Enlarged

Item no. 80202 with timer
Size: 177 x 320 mm


Item no. 80172 with timer
Size: ∅ 250 mm


About Adfoled International BV

Adfoled International BV specializes in decorative materials with the aim of bringing ambiance and cosiness in a safe way. We have developed and realised a unique product called STATIX: a window sticker with a real looking 3D LED flame. In this way, STATIX provides ambiance to places where candles are forbidden due to the risk of fire, for example in hospitals, nursing homes, children’s rooms and transport vehicles.
The idea of STATIX can be applied to countless themes and the current product range will certainly be extended to let everyone enjoy a cozy atmosphere without the danger of open fire.


Statix is registered by CCproof (reference 57192a4712008)


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